Frank Gregory Abernathy

Attorney-at-Law - Brentwood, Tennessee

I have known Spencer Wiggins for over 25 years, having worked with him on many charities, civic organizations and as contract consultants to various businesses. I have observed over the years the professional way in which he carries and conducts himself in public. His experience in the corporate world and his likeable personality and urbane appearance portrays a professionalism and confidence that is not only impressive but also contributes to his effectiveness.

Reverend Paul L. Anderson

Pastor, The Fountain of Raleigh Fellowship
Chief Chaplain, Raleigh Police Department

I have known Spencer Wiggins for over 3 years and during that time he has proven himself to be a man of great influence and integrity. There was an achievement gap and a lack of support of non-traditional students in Raleigh, North Carolina, of those individuals who had been unsuccessful in a traditional academic environment. This resulted in a need to establish an alternative program to eliminate the achievement gap.

Spencer was responsible for implementing an intervention program in Raleigh by connecting the religious, academic and business communities to support and encourage the students to accept an alternative high school program.

It was through his insightfulness that the alternative program became viable and productive for students, 16 to 21, who had dropped out or were at risk of dropping out of high school in the Raleigh Public School System, to have the opportunity to earn an accredited high school diploma, which would set them on a path to a successful future.

His skills and expertise of networking with the greater Raleigh community, coupled with his fairness, caring and respect for others, has proven to be invaluable, along with his collaborative skills which are unprecedented and above reproach.

Robert Churchwell, Jr.

Retired Metro Nashville Public School Principal - Nashville, Tennessee

Spencer Wiggins is the person that you want to work with your team to help improve your company's productivity and customer relations. With 30 years of senior executive experience he has established a solid reputation in creating a workplace environment that enhances individual dignity and respect. This is in conjunction with his tireless work ethic and efforts in giving back to his community. I had the honor of serving with him as the Vice Chairman of the Tennessee State University Foundation Board where he served as Chairman. He will help any organization get to the "Top."

T. Willard Fair

President and CEO, Urban League of Greater, Miami, Inc.

Spencer Wiggins and People Services Solutions "Gets Done What Others Say They Can't Do"!!!!

Glenton Gilzean, Jr

President & CEO - Central Florida Urban League - Orlando, Florida

Spencer Wiggins' Four Pillars of Employee Relations should be a guide for any CEO or business leader. His experience speaks for itself. He has compiled the lessons he learned from his 30 plus years of executive experience within diverse industries and organizations. After working with him, you will become a better person as well as a better leader.

Gerald D. Givens, Jr.

President, NAACP Raleigh-Apex

As President of the Raleigh-Apex National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), I have had the good fortune and opportunity to work closely with Spencer Wiggins in addressing the educational needs of those young people seeking a path to towards a successful future in Wake County.

He has shown to be a true professional who possesses a strong sense of empathy and the ability to inspire pride within our community and throughout Wake County. He is an effective leader and problem solver who takes it upon himself to involve all members of the community across diverse cultures in Raleigh by getting people and community leaders to work together towards a common goal in achieving success with a three prong approach of action, positive impact and results. He gets the job done respectfully and competently while being straightforward by exhibiting and providing proven community leadership and relationship capabilities that are second to none.

Angela A. Grant

Author, The Awakening Of Love
Motivational Speaker
Founder, Angela's Anchor Counseling Services - Nashville, Tennessee

Spencer Wiggins is one who embodies the word service. Giving unselfishly of his time, always willing to lend a hand and to offer sound advice. I have had the privilege of knowing him for several years and I have constantly admired the way he conducts himself as he wears a warm smile and wisdom like a nicely tailored suit. Though his resume is impressive, it is the person off of the paper that impresses me the most, because I know he believes that if he can help one person then he can help a multitude of people. As it is only fitting that he is the founder of People Services Solutions, LLC, because serving people is the man I know him to be.

Mary T. McCray

Retired Educator, Former Chairperson of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education - Charlotte, North Carolina

I met Spencer Wiggins 8 years ago when I became Chair of the Board of Education for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District. I was instantly aware of his drive to provide an educational pathway for the many non-traditional students in our district. He surpassed his desire to accomplish this and worked closely with the district and the Charlotte community to celebrate the evolution of these students.

Spencer is a person of high moral integrity and he doesn't in the least, mind rolling up his sleeves, nor speaking truth to power. He championed the students served in the non-traditional settings he worked with. May his work continue to be a blessing to all of those he serves and encounters.

Bill Martin

Founder and CEO, Cushion Employer Services Corporation - Nashville, Tennessee

I have known Spencer Wiggins for nearly 20 years both professionally and working within the community. He is a seasoned and exceptionally knowledgeable human resources professional who brings integrity and a sense of business strategy when addressing the people aspects of an organization. Spencer is a strong and creative leader committed to delivering tangible results.

Patrick Min

Founder, Beacon Accounting and Tax Services - Brentwood, Tennessee

I've known Spencer Wiggins for over 12 years, primarily during my time working with him at ALS Education, Inc. (formerly Community Education Partners). Spencer is very knowledgeable in all areas of human resources. I've watched him handle a number of difficult situations with a soft, but firm touch to protect the company while still achieving the desired outcome.

He is also particularly strong at building relationships. He has a built very good network of extremely influential individuals across the country. He has been able to leverage that network to positively impact decisions and outcomes.

Finally, Spencer has always believed in giving back to the community through community service. He is involved in a number of local causes, but most of them centering on mentoring and setting examples for young men. Spencer is a man of integrity. I learned a lot from working with him.

Reginald T. Pincham

Director of Enrollment and Student Services, Central Piedmont Community College - Charlotte, North Carolina

It is a pleasure to work with Spencer Wiggins, President and Founder of People Service Solutions, LLC. I am the president of two charter high schools in Charlotte, NC (Commonwealth HS and Stewart Creek HS) and I have known and worked with Spencer in his role as Vice President of Community and Customer Relations for ALS, Education Inc. for over five years, during the critical formative stages of our schools. Spencer has been instrumental in connecting our schools with resources, and influencers who have promoted our mission as dropout prevention high schools.

Spencer is a connector, a mentor and a skilled communicator and has been a great asset in providing growth opportunities for our students by providing opportunities for mentoring, post-secondary education and career opportunities. The success that our high schools have achieved is a direct result of his tireless efforts in the Charlotte community promoting our mission and ideals.

Byron Sanders

President and CEO, Big Thought - Dallas, Texas

Spencer Wiggins is a maven at what he does. In my time working with him, I've seen fewer people as adept at connecting an organization's strategic objectives to the human relevance at the ground level. After nearly a decade of seeing him operate in a range of different communities, I've realized that the value Spencer has brought is rooted in an authentic care for people and community. And that's why he gets results.

James O. Simmons

President Emeritus, Pinellas County Urban League - Tampa, Florida

I have known Spencer Wiggins for over twenty years. During this time, I have always been impressed with his ability to sincerely demonstrate a high degree of integrity while providing dignity and respect to those with whom he serves.

I have also observed his ability to passionately communicate his desire to give unselfishly of his time in conjunction with making a difference and a positive impact on the lives of others, which is without question a key attribute of his strong business acumen. When you couple this with his vast nationwide community relationship network, Spencer brings a value-added contribution to any organization or company seeking to improve their effectiveness and standing within their specific workplace environment.

He is extremely focused and possesses outstanding academic achievements. I have observed him to be an individual who has the potential, capabilities, education and desire to excel at whatever he undertakes. Due to his leadership skills combined with his work ethic and outstanding educational and professional achievements, makes him a tremendous asset to any organization that will utilize his services.

Ken Thomas

Chairman and CEO, Archangel Protective Services, LLC - Nashville, Tennessee

Spencer Wiggins has demonstrated over and over again that he deserves the highest accolades possible for his servant leadership, dedication and devotion to those he serves. His resume captures the facts regarding his accomplishments but not the story of his true impact on the organizations that he serves and the people that have been positively changed through their relationship with him. His selfless service and in depth knowledge of organizations and people has been the hallmarks of his success for many years. Archangel Protective Services is excited to have the benefit of his wisdom as we work to change the culture of our organization from an organization that needed the Human Resources department to a cohesive team that has a thriving "People Services" group.

Beverly Watts

Former Executive Director, TN Human Rights Commission - Nashville, Tennessee

Spencer Wiggins is a collaborative leader who has a gift for facilitating mutual trust and respect for diverse stakeholders that achieves outcomes. He is an excellent in shaping successful strategies to shape and focus results for individuals and organizations. As Chair of the TN Human Rights Commission, he was a model of open communication, relationship building and constant feedback.

Nicholas Wharton

Chief Executive Officer, Charlotte Area Fund, Inc.

Spencer Wiggins has always demonstrated executive expertise, business acumen, and community leadership that is beyond reproach. His disarming, sincere, and crystal clear insights on ethical, competitive business practices and organizational behavior has allowed me to rely upon him continuously. He has dedicated his entire career to advancing human capital and expanding the diversity and inclusion paradigm to assure that all people, especially emerging young talent, grasp the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives and their communities.